A Guide to SSDI Law – Legal Videos


in death. Before becoming disabled, the person must have been employed and paying Social Security taxes.

When a person makes an application for SSDI benefits If they are approved, the Social Security Administration will review their application and medical records in order to determine if they meet the requirements. The person will be paid every month in order to help cover living costs if they are granted the benefits.

The SSDI program does not just have an effect on adults. SSDI benefits are available to disabled children. Children’s guidelines are quite different from the rules for adults, but the principle is the identical: If the child is disabled that prevents them from working in a job, they may qualify for financial assistance.

In summary, SSDI law is crucial in helping people with disabilities be able to receive financial help when not able to work. To be eligible for SSDI benefits, you must be suffering from a condition that hinders their ability to work or working for the required time and paid Social Security taxes.


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