How Can Art Be Therapeutic for People Who’ve Suffered Trauma? – Art Magazines Online

It is possible that they have trouble controlling their emotions. Some people have issues in trusting others, having healthy relationships with others and maintaining their normal activities.
How can art be therapeutic? The traditional forms of therapy, such as medication and cognitive-behavioral therapies can help with issues related to trauma. However, there is a subset of people who get relief and healing through the art of. This article will examine the benefits of therapy and the limitations of art for trauma victims.

These can involve accidents, natural disasters, physical or sexual abuse in war or various other kinds of violence. Trauma can cause long-lasting and grave physical and mental damage to an individual’s mental or physical well-being. Additionally, it can undermine their faith in their capacity to manage and cope with their everyday life.

Psychosis resulting from trauma (PTSD) is one of the most common mental disorders which can be caused by trauma. Its symptoms PTSD are often flashbacks that are when the patient relives memories of the incident; avoidance in which people try to avoid circumstances or individuals who remind they were there as well as hyperarousal in which the individual is easily shocked and has trouble controlling their emotions. This could severely affect an individual’s capacity to lead an ordinary life as well as their ability function at school and in relationships.


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